Content Management System

We have taken an existing Content Management System and customised it to create a very powerful, yet easy to use system.

After having looked at many CMS we found that most are feature rich, but people with little knowledge about computers and the Internet found it difficult to use and understand.

Modules that will be available:
1. Opt-in Mailing List (Newsletter and Updates on site)
2. Banner Advertisement
3. Site Usage Statistics

Property Lease Management

For Estate Agents to easily keep track of all their property rentals.

Detailed account for property owners and tenants.

Will take care of commissions, levies, and other fees to be paid over to the Estate Agent before the owner get his/her money.

Mailing List Software

Mailing List Software customised for your needs.
Features include:
1. One system can accommodate more than 1 user, each with own lists
2. SMS facility built into the system
3. Customised template for emailing
4. Emails include pictures if needed

Let us help you with your email marketing!.

Helpdesk System

Electronic helpdesk system.

We have modified an opensource package to cater for our specific needs at CM Computer Services. In doing so we have realised that there is a great demand for customised helpdesk systems. We also found that by using this in our company, our service has fastly improved because of the way we handle calls.

With this as our basis we can customise it in any way you want.

Some Features include:

1. Multiple Users
2. Multiple Categories of support systems
3. Multiple Priorities
4. Automatic notification via email when new ticket created or changed
5. Hosted solution so anyone in the world can access it

Contact Us today to find out how we can help you run your business more efficiently.

Plumbers System Management

We developed software for one of PE's (and perhaps Eastern Cape) biggest plumbers. The software handles everything from the moment a client calls in with a problem, right up to the invoicing. They are running so much more effectively than with their paper method they were using.

This system can easily be tweaked for any service industry.

Loyalty System

A pet care loyalty program will soon be launched throughout the country. We developed the complete backend for which allows for transactions to be entered, discounts to be worked out and for members to log in and see how many points they have.

Client Database Management

This system enables a simple and efficient way of keeping track of your customers.  It is a lot easier to use than some of the complex CRM systems that are available on the market, and at a fraction of the cost.

Waybill Tracking System

We also developed software for a big courier company to keep track of their waybill numbers. This enables them to log and scan in their waybill numbers. Other people are then able to search the database.

Online Booking System

An online booking system that was developed for a well-known restaurant here in Port Elizabeth.  Integrated easily with your current website, this allows your clients to quickly make a booking online.

The owner of the restaurant is then notified by email, and you can confirm it with the client via SMS.

Online Catalog System

Have a convenient way of loading all your products on a website with a simple and easy to use interface.  Instead of spending thousands a year printing out catalogs that get outdated so quickly, make use of this and just refer your clients to it.

Instantly updated!

General Job Handling System Management

A big printing companies contracted us to help them write a system to automate their job handling. This software handles everything from the point of the client phoning in with an order, right up to where they are able to print out statements for the client.

This way you don't have any jobs go missing because someone throws away a page.